Assessment and Pupil Progress

Assessment at Philip Southcote is seen as a vital component in support of high quality teaching and learning. It has to meet a broad range of needs covering Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. At Philip Southcote assessment strategies also need to cover a broad spectrum from P levels through to GCSE’s.

In response to recent changes, that include a New National Curriculum and the removal of a national system of Levels, we have invested in a new whole school assessment system (SOLAR) that has been developed by a similar, outstanding Special Schools.

Our "Southcote Steps" uses a continuation on one scale that runs from Southcote Step SS7 to SS18 to measure small steps of progress from P Levels through to GCSE level.

Our 3 star system of EmergingDevelopingSecure enables us to ensure mastery and depth within each level.  Students must achieve all 3 stars before they can move onto the next assessment level.  SOLAR software will allow us to record all of our assessment in one place and has the flexibility for us to shape our assessment system to align more closely with our teaching. It also enables us to include our target setting and undertake data analysis.

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