Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)


Mary Rome

Deputy Head / Head of 6th Form

Lee Jerwood

Deputy Head / Raising Standards

Phil Hill

Assistant Head Therapy and Inclusion

Liz Murray

Assistant Head Southcote Centres and Outreach

Sarah Afana

Extended Leadership Team (EX-LT)

Heads PA / HR Manager

Emma Broughton

Finance Manager

Andi Boultwood

Premises Manager

Tom Chambers

Deputy DSL / MH&W Lead

Luke Batting

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Teacher of the Deaf

Mel Harrington

Moving on Coordinator

Karen Robinson

Medical Support Coordinator

Katie Page

Physical Development Coordinator

Brent Kay

Physical Development Assistant

Anne Kemp


Lisa Fagan


Shivaun Wood


Kate Broughton

Laura Robinson

Nicky Judd

Rachel Rudley

Kerry Collett


Heads of Year:

Head of Transition and Year 7

Sarah Thompstone

Head of Year 8

Hannah Wood

Head of Year 9

Jo McMullen

Head of Year 10

Helen Lascaris

Head of Year 11

Ben Brown


Form Tutors:

Year 7T

Sarah Thompstone

Year 7R

Nick Rosenthal

Year 7C

Alex Clarke

Year 8W 

Hannah Wood

Year 8M 

Victoria Manders Wood / Lynda Potter

Year 9A

Aylise Wyatt Allen

Year 9M

Jo McMullan

Year 9W 

Wung Mortimer

Year 10M

Lucia Mosko / Lisa Berry

Year 10L

Helen Lascaris

Year 11B

Ben Brown

Year 11Q 

Quio Marugan

Chertsey High School

Jenny Hughes

Kings International School

Julie Riches


Heads of House:


Helen Lascaris


Quio Marugan


Anne Kemp


Jo McMullen

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