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Southcote Centres

The Southcote Centres offer additional specialist school places for pupils with learning and additional needs to a greater number of local Surrey pupils and their families. They are an incredible opportunity to strengthen local school partnerships and the inclusion offer to all children and young people in Surrey.

The Southcote Centres offer a unique learning environment for pupils who would benefit from a bespoke and targeted provision across a mainstream setting, whilst retaining the culture and specialist intervention of the Philip Southcote School. All pupils, regardless of the site they attend, are on roll at the Philip Southcote School.

The philosophy of our school is embedded in our school’s motto ‘Learning for Life’ where we place equal importance on academic progress, physical and emotional wellbeing and skills for life. Pupils and families at the Southcote Centres benefit from a well-established ethos, clear vision, values, and a strong record of providing high quality education to pupils with learning difficulties.

We currently have Southcote Centers in the following locations 

  • Chertsey High School
  • Epsom and Ewell High School 
  • Kings International College

What will the Southcote Centre provision offer?

The Southcote Centres are self-contained and fully staffed by Philip Southcote School. A multi-sensory, therapeutic approach is widely used, enabling all children to access the curriculum whatever their preferred learning style and SEND. The small number of students in the centres allows for a high level of individual support and ensures that each child's progress can be assessed and evaluated closely. The curriculum is bespoke and is adapted to suit the individual needs of each student. Where appropriate pupils attend lessons in the main school and receive in-class support from experienced Southcote Centre staff. 

At the Southcote Centres we have a caring, understanding team looking after our pupils. We provide a curriculum based on the needs of the individual pupils and focussed on developing communication skills and emotional, personal and social development alongside the academic subjects. Each child’s timetable will be flexible tailored to support their learning needs and interests. In addition, there are a variety of non-academic based programmes such as Wellbeing and Emotional Literacy Support sessions which focus on social development.

The centres have their own sensory rooms designed to create a safe environment whereby our pupils can interact and explore their sensory and emotional needs. The centres also contain ‘Sensory Regulation Stations’ which pupils are encouraged to use to develop their sensory integration and learn how to regulate their own feelings and behaviours.

The staff at the centre are highly trained in using Zones of Regulation, a systematic, cognitive behavioural approach, to teach pupils with emotional and sensory regulation issues to self-regulate their needs as well as their emotions and impulses in order to stay calm and engage in learning. This approach is also used to support positive social interaction and teach self-knowledge and self-control.

As a school we work closely with any external agencies that we feel are relevant to individual children’s needs including:- GPs, school nurse, clinical psychologists, paediatricians, speech and language therapists; occupational therapists, physical and sensory support services, Social Services including Locality Teams, Social Workers and Educational Psychologists.

Admissions Process

Applications are made through the SEND Key Stage Transfer process and are managed directly through the Surrey SEND admissions team.

All children who are considered for a place in a Southcote Centre must have:

  • An Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) with agreed Special School Provision.
  • Primary Special Educational Needs identified as Learning and Additional Needs (LAN).

The Southcote Centre welcome visits from parents. If you feel your child meets the admissions criteria above, please contact Philip Southcote School directly and we will be happy to arrange an appointment with a member of the team.

Southcote Curriculums

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