Deaf Pupil Provision

Welcome to the Deaf Pupil Provision (DPP) 

The DPP (Deaf Pupil Provision) is a provision within Philip Southcote School, which offers support for deaf pupils who also have additional SEND needs.

The DPP are committed to providing support for our pupils to ensure they can access the curriculum alongside their peers. We have a Total Communication approach and can offer support orally, in Sign Supported English or in British Sign Language, working with our pupils to provide the right communication and language support to meet their individual needs. 


Senior Teacher of the Deaf Mel Harrington
Teacher of the Deaf Marisa Hackforth
Senior Communication Support Worker Hayley Hughes
Communication Support Worker Lusine Morris
Communication Support Worker Cheryl Robinson
Communication Support Worker Anita Pringle
Communication Support Worker Louise Breach
Communication Support Worker Marie Armstrong
Speech and Language Therapist Kalifa Coleman-Best
Deaf Instructor / Communication Support Worker Victoria Weatherley

The Philip Southcote philosophy is embedded in our motto "Learning for Life" where we place equal importance on:

  • Academic Progress.
  • Physical and Emotional Wellbeing.
  • Enrichment and skills for life.
  • The belief that a pupil’s listening skill should not be a barrier to their ability to learn and achieve their potential.

Our curriculum provides a  wide range of subjects to ALL pupils including; Maths, English, Science, PSHE, ICT, Art, Food Technology, RE, Humanities, Outdoor Education, Sports Leaders, Performing Arts, D of E and Sixth Form.

Classrooms have Soundfield Systems to enable all students to be able to hear as clearly at the back of the classroom as they can at the front. Our school is also fully wheelchair accessible and we have toilets with hoisting systems if required. Our dedicated sensory room supports pupils to improve their physical coordination, motor  development emotional wellbeing and offers a range of sound activated ,cause and effect activities.  We work hard at Philip Southcote School to ensure our physical environment is fully inclusive for our deaf pupils; all fire Alarms are fitted with the red flashing lights and classrooms have carpet and blinds to improve the acoustics for our pupils.

We encourage all our pupils to be independent and to develop an understanding of how to look after and maintain their own equipment. These are all vital skills for our pupils to be able to look after themselves and their equipment outside of the school environment. Where needed staff support pupils to check their personal listening devices.

We recognise  our pupils as individuals and this is reflected in the nature of the classroom support they receive. Some will require Communication Support Workers to sit alongside them to support, while others will need the CSW to interpret the class using BSL or SSE. Pupils will also benefit from our 1:1 sessions with DPP staff or with our Teacher of the Deaf; this will be individually or in small groups.

Some pupils may benefit from Radio Aids which are provided and maintained by Surrey County Council. This provides our pupils with direct input into their Processors or Hearing Aids and helps to overcome the impact of the background noise.

Pupils are fully integrated into both the academic and social life of the Philip Southcote Community. They attend all classes with their peers and have a variety of sporting opportunities to take part in as well as residential school trips. Our pupils  attend work experience and in KS4 participate in the college link courses provided to the whole year group.

All pupils at Philip Southcote have access to British Sign Language sessions in a relaxed and fun environment to gain a valuable skill and also to promote an understanding of deaf awareness. We are fortunate at Philip Southcote to have two fully trained ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) staff to support the wellbeing of our pupils, this provides a fully inclusive approach that pupils can access with minimal additional adults.

Our Specialist SALT (Speech and Language Therapist)  has many years of experience and expertise in working with Deaf pupils. We work closely with the SALT to enable our pupils to use their existing communication skills effectively and to incorporate this into their classes and literacy sessions.

All the staff at Philip Southcote have regular updates in Deaf Awareness to maximise their knowledge of how best to work with our deaf pupils and the wider community. We are also proud of our Headteacher and other staff members who have undertaken the BSL Level 1 qualification and continue to study for BSL Level 2.  

Please click to view our Audiology Policy which is found in our Key Information - School Policies Folder

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