Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Vision

We want ALL pupils to develop the confidence, skills and values needed to live as happily and independently as possible; contributing to society as respectful citizens with a strong sense of belonging to their community.


Philip Southcote Main School OUR CURRICULUM 2023 24 stars


The curriculum is designed so that it:

  • Encourages and enables pupils to express preferences, communicate needs, make choices, make decisions and choose options that other people act on and respect
  • Is sequenced according to pupils’ individual needs, their starting points and their long term goals
  • Develops enjoyment of learning, using a creative approach, encouraging high levels of achievement and attainment
  • Is delivered within a climate for learning that is positive, stimulating, challenging, motivating, rewarding, fun/enjoyable
  • Enables pupils to interact and communicate effectively with a wide range of people
  • Recognises and encourages individual talents; having the highest expectations of each pupil through personalised learning programmes linked to their Education, Health and Care Plans
  • Increases pupils’ awareness and understanding of their environment and the world
  • Develops personal self-confidence and self-esteem based on a variety of successful experiences
  • Prepares pupils to play an active role as citizens; developing a healthy, safe lifestyle; developing good relationships and respecting differences between people
  • Prepares pupils for an adult life in which they have the greatest possible degree of autonomy.

Philip Southcote Main School OUR CURRICULUM 2023 24 Table

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