Sixth Form

Philip Southcote Sixth Form is purpose-built to meet the needs of more vulnerable pupils with learning difficulties. We provide a safe environment with specialist teaching and pastoral support so all students can access the curriculum.


Our Sixth Form curriculum provides learning opportunities for one, two or three years, offering a personalised curriculum for each pupil. This incorporates independent living skills, work related learning and vocational opportunities.

At Key Stage 5, we continue to study the core subjects of English and Maths but the focus is more on the development of life skills. Students are placed into pathways (1-5) based on their previous attainment in accreditations, as well as their social and communication needs. Students in Pathway 1, for example, will mainly be working at Entry Level 1 in English and Maths, whereas students in Pathway 5 will be working towards a GCSE in English and Maths.

The literacy levels of our pupils are varied and are supported with four 70-minute English lessons a fortnight and an additional 30-minute reading time each day.  Maths has four 70-minute lessons a fortnight.

Students will also spend one day a week at our Skills Centre. They are able to choose from the development of skills in two of the following areas, including: retail, café, horticulture, and hair and beauty, to name a few. Our on-site beauty salon, shop and café all add to the real-life experience. All students complete journals of evidence to support their learning and show their skill development. Students learn to develop their interpersonal, work and communication skills in the Skills Centre.

Every pathway also has a Family Day in which they work together to plan for, create and eat a full lunchtime meal. Students also complete RSE and Wheel of Independence work on this day, as well as working towards becoming Mental Health Champions. Students work on different segments on the Wheel of Independence each week, working towards developing their life skills in money, meal preparation, food shopping, laundry, time management, leisure, housekeeping and self-care. Our RSE programme covers a range of key topics, including the role of families, health and building independence. Online safety is covered every year in RSE due to its ever-changing nature and level of importance for our vulnerable students.

Students also have one lesson of sport and leisure per week. Students can choose from a range of fitness activities, including dance, gym visits and local walks.

All students also have one EHCP Targets lesson per fortnight. These lessons enable students to take ownership of their own targets. They consider how they have worked towards each of their targets and how they will continue to develop their skills in the four key areas: Preparation for Employment and Further Learning; Independent Living; Friends, Relationships and Community Participation; Health. 

Every student has an annual review where discussions take place with the students, parents and carers and support services regarding the next step, be it a further year in the Sixth Form, moving on to college, the world of work or a more specialist placement. Our Moving On Coordinator works with each individual, their family and the staff to ensure every student is constantly considering their future and the steps they need to take to get there. Most of our Sixth Form students will complete external work experience in a relevant field in the local area. We also meet regularly with students and families to discuss life after Sixth Form and offer support when applying for colleges, apprenticeships or other provisions.

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