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Sports Leaders Curriculum Statement


The delivery of Sports Leaders enables our young people to develop a wider sense of leadership, teamwork and responsibility through the medium of sports and physical exercise.  Pupils become more confident in their own abilities as well as understand and embrace the importance of equality and diversity in leadership and life.


At Key Stage 4, pupils have the opportunity to study the Sports Leaders Level 1 Award. The aim of this course is to develop confident, healthy leaders through sport and physical activity. Pupils who choose to study Sports Leaders learn and demonstrate important life skills such as effective communication, organisation and teamwork. They learn to lead physical activities for younger pupils within the school community.


The curriculum uses sport to deliver fun and engaging physical activities with other pupils. Pupils plan, lead and evaluate sports/physical sessions over time and then demonstrate their leadership skills as part of their assessment. The course involves guided and peer-to-peer learning to ensure learners have all the skills and behaviours they need to lead physical activities for other people.


Pupils learn through a wide range of topics preparing them for careers in the sporting industry including, ‘what makes a good leader?’, ‘How to work effectively in a team’, and ‘How to become a good leader’. Learning includes a mixture of discussion, exploration and practical learning.


Pupils practically develop their leadership skills and will gain understanding of how to plan engaging, fun lessons that meet the needs of different learners with varying needs.  Pupils are encouraged to think sensitively and creatively about how to ensure our learners, with a diverse range of needs, can successfully engage in their activities and meet the lesson outcomes.


Sports Leaders helps develop pupils’ social and academic confidence. It provides valuable leadership skills and opportunities that will enhance their employability and creates well-rounded confident adults with transferable skills for a variety of future life choices. We ensure our pupils are tolerant and sensitive to the varying needs of people in the wider community who wish to access sport as well as inspire confidence to join or try new sport/physical activities in the community.

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