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School Council 2020 - 2021


Our Aims & Purposes


The School Council exists to represent the voice of the students, promote their ideas and encourage their views and interests.

All students are given equal opportunity to participate.


The School Council at Philip Southcote School aims to serve its students as effectively as possible and make students aware of wider issues, in addition to playing an important role in establishing links with the community.


Role of the School Council within the School Community

  • Creating a positive school atmosphere of mutual respect between staff and students
  • Developing and maintaining the participation of students in the life of our school
  • Allowing students to develop important life skills such as time management and leadership skills
  • Representing the views of the students we represent to our school’s team of staff
  • Raising awareness among students of prevalent issues in society, including health, financial and environmental issues


Staff Interviews

Often when teaching positions within the school become vacant, the School Council will be asked to establish an interview panel to represent the students in the selection of a new teacher. Over the past few years, Student Council have been involved in the appointment of many new staff members including the Senior Leadership Team !


Our Meetings

The School Council meet once a fortnight. During the meeting the students discuss ideas relevant to their area of focus.

Our School Council


Each October, Phillip Southcote holds an election to elect our new School Councillors. The classes are called into the hall where they are given polling cards. Special booths are made for the children to cast their vote in private. The children choose their candidate, by putting an X beside their name. They place their polling card into the ballot box. Once everyone has voted, the votes are counted and the results are revealed.


Due to COVID19, our elections were slightly different this year. All pupils took part in democratic elections with ballot papers being delivered to their Tutor rooms, where they voted privately and placed their ballot papers into the ballot box. Once everyone had voted, the votes were counted and the results were announced to the whole school during a Zoom Assembly across the school site.


2020 - 2021 School Council Members:

7R - Hayden

7T - Bella

8M - Conor

8S - Jay

8W - Noah

9M - Connor

9L - Thomas

10A - Cassie

10B - Callum

11M - Lucia

11Q - Sunny

11W - Jon

6th Form - Humble & Samuel








Just a gentle reminder. If your child is suffering from any Covid symptoms you will need to keep them at home, arrange a PCR test at your earliest convenience and contact the school for advice.