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Religious Education Curriculum Statement


Through the delivery of RE we want to enable our young people to go out into the world with an understanding of their own beliefs and values and an acceptance of the beliefs and values of others both in the immediate, wider and global community.


All pupils will leave the school with an open mind and willingness to not merely tolerate other people’s beliefs and values but be accepting of them. The young person will have been given the tools and have been inspired to have the courage to challenge beliefs that might be harmful to individuals or society.


The RE curriculum content coincides with the wider school curriculum to elicit a sense of awe and wonder in the pupils for the world around them and in the achievements of exceptional individuals and groups of people from both faith and non-faith backgrounds.


Throughout Key Stage 3 pupils will learn about the key beliefs of the 5 major world religions. Through exploring a range of religious teachings pupils are encouraged to explore their own understanding of different beliefs and will begin to explore how and why people hold certain beliefs and how this influences their actions in everyday life as well as in the wider world.


The curriculum aims to give pupils a deeper understanding of local faith communities and the role they have in the wider community through visits to local places of worship and welcoming members of local faith communities into the school for assemblies and community activities.


At Key Stage 4 a curriculum has been chosen that builds upon the knowledge and understanding gained throughout Key Stage 3 and enables pupils to start talking about some of the ‘Big Questions’ in life and encouraging the pupils to recognise that some questions do not have answers and that people will have different answers to these questions.


Through studying topics such as Capital Punishment and Prejudice and Discrimination pupils will be encouraged to identify when it is necessary to challenge the beliefs and actions of others and be given examples of how damaging beliefs have been challenged in society through the study of individuals such as Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai.


Just a gentle reminder. If your child is suffering from any Covid symptoms you will need to keep them at home, arrange a PCR test at your earliest convenience and contact the school for advice.