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Performing Arts

 PSS Performing Arts:

Collect all relevant advertisements for current productions at local cinemas and theatres.  Bring this to the lesson to add to your Performing Arts book.

Types of Performing Arts:

  • Clowns may partake in extensive schooling on the history of the art, as well as specific techniques.
  • Ballet is a performance art, as are all dance forms.
  • Performing arts involve using facial expressions, voice, and body language to communicate a creative fabrication.
  • Singers are one kind of performing artist.
  • Hip hop is a type of performing art.
  • Circus acts like clowning and acrobatics are considered a type of performance art.
  • Some performing arts have shows on a stage.
  • Film actors are considered performing artists.


Click on the following links to learn more about Performing Arts:

Theatre Performances: Victoria & Albert Museum



Find videos that show you how performing art is used to express yourself.  Search for HipHop Mime/ Balet HipHop to see how they are mixed up to show a new style.


Just a gentle reminder that if your child is not feeling 100% please do not send them to school and contact the school for advice. Please wear a face covering on transport if you feel able to do so.