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PE Curriculum Statement


Through the delivery of PE, we want all our pupils to understand how being active will support their mental and physical health beyond the classroom and into their adult lives.  We want to enable all pupils to develop social experiences through sports and exercise which will create a sense of belonging to a community as well as social interactions and skills.  Across all activities, the ethos is positive, nurturing and inclusive in order to support pupils to achieve their full potential.


All pupils will develop a range of life skills, such as; communication (verbal and non-verbal), leadership, teamwork, personal challenge, resilience, determination, independence, and problem solving, at a level of complexity that is appropriate yet challenging for their individual needs.   All pupils will explore the theory and practice behind the benefits of physical activity on their mental, social and physical wellbeing.  Our pupils become confident learners and develop important skills which prepare them for future education, employment and living healthy, active lives.


Throughout PE each pupil will experience a range of activities and games that will challenge and motivate them to engage in new learning and experiences; yet be easily adaptable to any of our pupils’ needs.  Activities will include team and individual sports, gymnastics, swimming lessons, class circuit sessions, whole school Workout Wednesdays, Fitness Fridays, engagement within the Surrey Special Schools Sports Association and an annual ski trip.


As pupils progress into Key Stage 4 and 5, the level of challenge will increase and independence will become more prominent.  There are opportunities for pupils to conduct their own research and deliver their own exercise lessons to the rest of their class, developing their leadership skills, independent work and public speaking; linking to knowledge applicable to the Sports Leader’s course and college sport courses. The confidence gained will enable pupils to independently access local gym facilities, cycle hire and outdoor swimming pools to ensure a wide variety of physical activity exposure. 


All these skills and activities are aimed to bring the best out of each and every pupil at Philip Southcote.  With this new and exciting way of doing P.E, we aim to help the pupils grow and get ready for life outside of school, and to encourage a generation of healthy, active young people in synergy with our Heathy schools’ status. 

Just a gentle reminder. If your child is suffering from any Covid symptoms you will need to keep them at home, arrange a PCR test at your earliest convenience and contact the school for advice.