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Pathway 2 & 3 Curriculum Statement

Pathway 2 and 3


These Pathways have been designed for pupils who have a developing sense of independence and would benefit from up to 3 years of nurturing and preparation before taking their next steps to college or employment.  The curriculum is delivered in a learning environment that is positive, stimulating, challenging, motivating, rewarding and fun.  We develop enjoyment of learning, using a creative approach, encouraging high levels of achievement for all. As a direct result, our students develop high levels of personal self-confidence and self-esteem.


Pathway 2 and 3 pupils will have gained qualifications in numeracy and literacy at Key Stage 4 and are now looking to enhance these outcomes to further support college and job applications when they move on from the Sixth Form.


In addition to the English and Mathematics, students will continue to extend their Personal and Social Education through accredited courses covering a variety of topics that will ensure they confidently enter young adulthood; be that in a supported or independent environment.  Students develop their social skills, being able to make and maintain social relationships, whilst developing themselves and working towards goals (individually and as a group). 


All Students develop an extensive knowledge of how to practise health, safety and hygiene within a food preparation environment and be confident in how to prepare and serve food to others. They will understand that food is integral in remaining a healthy young adult.


Students have a firm foundation of knowledge regarding their own personal rights and responsibilities and will be actively encouraged to use and apply these on a daily basis, both within the school environment, in their community and beyond. Our experiential learning curriculum enables students to become confident in managing their own money through “Family Days” and residential visits providing opportunities to use these skills in ‘real life’.


Outside of the classroom environment students in Pathway 2 and 3 engage in a variety of experiences to enhance their own lives. They learn the importance of being able to travel safely and how to access a variety of public transport facilities.

Pupils are supported by our Moving-On Coordinator who ensures that all students complete a regular work experience placement and access link and vocational college courses.


Pathway 2 and 3 pupils will be confident young adults who look forward to their next steps in life and are fully prepared to access supported college courses as a stepping stone to job- related learning and employment.

Just a gentle reminder. If your child is suffering from any Covid symptoms you will need to keep them at home, arrange a PCR test at your earliest convenience and contact the school for advice.