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6th November 2020 - Parent Newsletter


6th November 2020 - Parent Newsletter


There is no doubt that this week has been challenging for the school.  It has been a whirl wind of emotions, pride and celebrations followed up swiftly with a reminder that COVID is still a stark reality in our community.


I would like to thank the pupils, parents and staff for their collective efforts and kind words of support.  Our children once again have shown maturity during this COVID period, and they should be commended for their resilience.


SMSC Quality Mark – Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural.


Mrs Riches has been working very hard with pupils and staff in the past few months to review and complete the SMSC award.  Our assessor Mai came to visit on 23rd October, and we are thrilled to announce that the school has been awarded the highest grade for SMSC.  I hope you enjoy some of her comments:


Dear Mrs Rome,


I am delighted to inform you that as a result of the recent verification visit, Philip Southcote School has been awarded Gold level of the National SMSC Quality Mark and this has been confirmed by the Quality Assurance Panel.


I would like to offer particular thanks to Charlie, Diana, Kai and Nathan who were such fantastic ambassadors for the school. Their enthusiasm and enjoyment in showing me round was uplifting as they introduced me to all that was great about their school.


I would also like to thank the wonderful panel of students and the parent and governor panels that shared their experiences of being part of the Philip Southcote family.


I would also like to congratulate Julie Riches, your SMSC lead, for her drive and passion in ensuring that the SMSC provision in school has real purpose and is meaningful to your students. It was a pleasure to discuss your school’s journey and share how the work has benefited your students.


I congratulate Philip Southcote School on the Gold standard of SMSC development that is afforded their pupils.


Strengths of the school’s SMSC development:


Through your self-evaluation and our discussions, it is evident that there are numerous SMSC related strengths at Philip Southcote; the following are a few key examples:


  • The outdoor learning provision, including the new El Bosque, outdoor education centre which provides a multitude of benefits to support the student’s mental health and wellbeing and provide fantastic opportunities for awe and wonder.


  • The ethos and values of the school were evident from the moment I was welcomed into the school by Tom, your Premises Manager. I witnessed the dedication of the staff team, from Mr Marugan’s tour of El Bosque to the commitment that staff had shown during Covid19 lockdown to support families.


  • The inclusive day to day environment that nurtures respect and embraces difference and diversity and the way in which this is modelled by staff and reflected in the way students treat each other. During my visit students were so polite, caring and helpful towards each other. A joy to be around! I enjoyed reading student profiles in the classroom that demonstrated students are encouraged to share their differences and recognize each other’s strengths.



Artsmark Award


Congratulations to Mrs Thompstone and Mrs Afana – our Creative Arts Team, for leading us toward the prestigious Artsmark Award.  We are super excited to share with you that on 30th October the school was awarded the Silver Artsmark Award.


Our Verifier sent us the following feedback:


The Arts are clearly given a high priority in the school and this is reflected in the school’s Strategic Improvement Plan. It was good to read of the many positive impacts your Artsmark journey has had on your pupils both at an individual pupil and at a whole school level. At an individual level, it was delightful to read how the Arts have helped one pupil to feel relaxed and another to gain confidence through performing arts. The introduction of new accreditations such as Discover Arts Award and Edxcel Entry Level in Creative Media are providing your pupils with new and exciting opportunities to experience arts and culture in different contexts. You are using arts and cultural professionals such as Peer Productions, Stop Group Dance, and a ceramist to support the delivery of quality provision. Your pupils are given opportunities to perform and to see live performances through theatre trips. Using an art therapist to help develop your staff’s understanding of how to best use the Sensory Room is a good start in involving professionals from the Arts to support a structured CPD programme…..We wish you well as you continue your next stage of your Artsmark journey.


Congratulations on your Artsmark Silver Award!



Financial Support for families struggling


We understand that the past few months have been hard going for many families in our community.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties, then the link below may be able to offer some support and guidance.



Community Events


MASSIVE “THANK YOU” to everyone who participated in our Macmillan Cake Sale.  Together we raised £333!!!


Parents and Friends Association


The Halloween Virtual Balloon Race is still underway and finishes this weekend raising £378 for the PFA.


Receptionist Jackie was in the PSS Lead at the start of the week but has now been overtaken by “Crazy Canuk”, “Steve”, “Gracie”, “Rachel” and “balloon”.


If you have a balloon, don’t forget to check in on the weekend to see how far you have travelled!!



Star of the Week



Star of the Week


Star of the Week








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Have a lovely weekend and do not hesitate to contact school if you need support for your child's home learning next week.


Mary Rome




Just a gentle reminder that if your child is not feeling 100% please do not send them to school and contact the school for advice. Please wear a face covering on transport if you feel able to do so.