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Mathematics Curriculum Statement


Maths at Philip Southcote School offers pupils a relevant, broad and purposeful curriculum that will show the relevance of Maths in ‘Learning for Life’ and puts our pupils’ needs at the heart of the curriculum.  We deliver Maths through real life contexts and cross curricular topics.  We are passionate about making learning fun, relevant and exciting.  Our vision is that all pupils will be financially literate, gain cultural capital and a valuable awareness of the benefits and opportunity Maths can have.


We help every pupil reach their full potential through a carefully planned step by step progression of objectives combined with teaching methods that explain clearly and deepen understanding (rather than just procedures). We are strong advocates of ‘hands on’ practical equipment, kinaesthetic or visual methods and embrace any technology from calculators to apps that can help our pupils apply their knowledge in real life. 


We help every individual pupil reach their full potential in the subject and recognise the value of qualifications that enable our pupils to be part of a sustainable workforce.  Through careful monitoring of data against the Southcote Solar Steps and termly standardised tests pupils identified as needing extra support can access additional small group sessions or 1:1 precision teaching.

As well as individual work, our pupils work in pairs or small groups to complete Maths activities.  Pupils develop the social and collaborative skills that enable them to express choices, make decisions and reason their opinions.  Our school values of trust, respect, responsibility, kindness, courage and excellence are all fundamental in succeeding, not only in successfully completing a Maths related challenge, but in life!


In Key Stage 3 pupils study Number (including fraction, decimals and percentages), Measures, Statistics, Shape and Space through many cross curricular topics.  We link with all subject areas including El Bosque (Our Outdoor Education Centre) using maps, growing plants and studying the weather. 


At Key Stage 4 our pupils continue to extend their mathematical understanding through many cross curricular links. To enable our pupils’ achievements to be recognised through appropriate qualifications. Pupils work towards their accredited courses, matched to their abilities.  Many pupils access Entry Level qualifications while our most able pupils will be entered for GCSE qualifications, where appropriate. 


In our Sixth Form, Numeracy remains an integral part of pupils’ learning. It is embedded throughout focussed independent life skills work.  Pupils learn and apply mathematical skills both within school and the wider community, in theory and in practise. Some key themes are managing money and economic wellbeing, cooking for themselves and others, (including helping to run our onsite café), home and plant care, reading and using train timetables, and paying in shops.  All pupils work towards accreditations tailored to their needs and seamlessly continue their learning from Key Stage 4 to achieve Entry Level or GCSE qualifications.


It is our aim that all pupils learn to love Maths, appreciate its usefulness and leave school confident and able to use Maths to achieve their goals and be independent, confident and resilient young adults.


Just a gentle reminder that if your child is not feeling 100% please do not send them to school and contact the school for advice. Please wear a face covering on transport if you feel able to do so.