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Kerry's Tutor Group Weekly Homework

News Awareness Homework


Every Friday you need to share a news story with the group. During the week you should either watch the News on TV, listen to the radio bulletins, read the newspapers and/or access news items via the internet.


Either hand write or type on the computer ONE news item that interested you this week.


This should be brought to school ready for tutor time every Friday.


Key things to remember:

It can be local news or world news.

Tell me where you found your news item.

Tell me if anyone supported you in your homework. (It's fine if they do.)

Always use your own words to write about your news item ... We don't like to see words just copied from the www or a newspaper.


Enjoy your research and I look forward to hearing your news!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Waitrose Community Matters scheme in Weybridge - We were awarded £236 !!