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Induction Day - Information

Welcome to our Year 6/7 and Sixth Form Induction:


We are very much looking forward to meeting all our new Year 6/7 and Sixth Form pupils soon. 


Induction Days for future Year 7's  2020 - see Year 6 Pupils


Induction Days for the Sixth Form - no details confirmed yet.


Year 6 Pupils


We are very much looking forward to meeting all our new Year 7 pupils and, whilst we are aware that things are uncertain at the moment, we would like to invite your child to an induction session at school.  We would like to reassure you that we will be observing safe distancing and taking all necessary precautions during their time at school.  If you have any concerns around this or would like further information on the protective measures we will be putting in place, please do call in and I will be happy to discuss with you.


The dates we are looking at are Tuesday 7th or Wednesday 8th July for a morning (9.30am to 11.30am) or an afternoon (12.30pm to 2.30pm) session.  If you are not happy for your child to attend an induction session, we can look at setting up a Zoom meeting.


I would be grateful if you could you call the school office on 01932 562326 to advise of your 1st and 2nd preferences before Friday 15th May.


On Tuesday 7th July and Wednesday 8th July pupils will be expected to arrive at Philip Southcote School by either 9.30am or 12.30pm, depending on their session, where they will be met in the school car park in order to observe safe distancing before coming into school.  Pupils do not need to wear school uniform



Mrs Mary Rome


Contact Us:

You can also use this form to contact the induction team.

Welcome back to school !!! All pupils are back to school from Monday 7th September. Please wear a face covering on transport if you feel able to do so.