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ICT Curriculum Statement


Through the delivery of ICT we want pupils to access a fun, engaging and lifelong skill set that will promote all of our pupils to be confident and competent in the use of ICT systems.


The impact and outcomes of the course are imperative to the development of our young people and getting them ready for life after school. Whether the pupils move into further education or into the world of work, the skills taught will be those that will help develop their independence, competence and outcomes using ICT systems, on their chosen path.

Throughout Key Stage 3 the pupils will learn to use specific software in a series of activities using the extensive Office 365 suite.


Pupils will complete tasks on basic PC use, E-safety, Using Email, Graphic Image Manipulation, HTML website building, Programming and Coding, Presentation Software work and Using Spreadsheets to give them the experiences and knowledge to perform similar tasks in their further education or world of work.


At Key Stage 4 a curriculum has been developed that will further embed the knowledge gained at Key Stage 3. Through 5 modules the pupils will show evidence of their learning over a number of assessed tasks.


The curriculum and the modules delivered give an extensive range of personal skills that develop over the 5 years.


  • Confidence, independence and perseverance when using the PC systems for the first time, leading to confidence when attempting new things.
  • Communication skills when using online communication tools.
  • Being aware of keeping yourself safe online.
  • Creative thinking, designing and artistic image manipulation skills.
  • Choosing/filtering relevant information and research skills.
  • Sequencing and ordering of instructions, promoting lateral and critical thinking.
  • Presenting for a specific topic area.
  • Confidence in front of an audience.
  • Conversing skills and questioning skills.


All of these focussed tasks give a well-rounded and fulfilling education in the use of ICT systems and will allow our young people to carry forward the skills and confidence to attempt tasks in their future roles more competently.

Just a gentle reminder. If your child is suffering from any Covid symptoms you will need to keep them at home, arrange a PCR test at your earliest convenience and contact the school for advice.