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Food Technology Curriculum Statement


Through the delivery of Food Technology, we want to equip pupils with the knowledge, understanding, and skills required to plan, prepare and cook meals of their choice for themselves and others.  We encourage pupils to explore a range of recipes with a strong emphasis on healthy eating as well as encouraging pupils’ creative ideas towards food content and presentation. 


Food Technology allows all pupils to learn and develop transferable life skills that are suitable for use in and out of school.  The qualification ensures that pupils increase their skills not only in food but also across the curriculum particularly English, Maths, Science and PSHE.


Pupils will become active and informed citizens when living independently or with others.  We encourage and support pupils to make beneficial lifestyle choices in their path towards adulthood so they can lead a healthier life as a direct result of our food curriculum. 


A progressive curriculum is delivered across the Key Stages where a focus on knowledge and skills is at its core. 

Food Technology lessons allows pupils to combine both academic and practical knowledge where pupils can work individually, in pairs and often in groups to achieve the required outcome in response to their particular need or opportunity.  At both key stages, the emphasis is very much on active learning whether it be practical or academic.


Throughout Key Stage 3 pupils develop their understanding and apply the principles of nutrition and health.  They cook a repertoire of predominantly savoury dishes so they are able to feed themselves and others a healthy and varied diet, and to help them become competent in a range of cooking techniques.


At Key stage 4, our pupils are able to advance their cooking skills further by studying accreditations e.g. BTEC.  The key aim is to achieve individual success by preparing and cooking a range of mainly hot meals confidently and autonomously, as well as building their self-esteem.  Their continuing learning journey is centred around the joy of cooking for themselves, family, friends, and their community.

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