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Expressive Arts Curriculum Statement

Through the delivery of the Expressive Arts curriculum, we empower pupils to develop their social, communicative and creative experiences. Our aim is to help pupils explore the world around them and ignite their creativity, passion and interest in the Expressive Arts.


The curriculum focuses on developing pupils’ self-esteem through performing and appreciating the arts around them. Pupils are encouraged to develop their individuality, allowing them to think and express themselves with confidence and to grow individual talents. Pupils will develop their understanding of different creative practitioners and performance styles through evaluating and performing a diverse collection of dramatic texts, which span a range of genres.


Pupils have the opportunity to explore their creativity through working with others as well as independently. They make independent decisions and are self-critical, as well as being sensitive to the thoughts, feelings and ideas of others.


At Key Stage 4, pupils have the option to study the Arts Award, Trinity College London. This Award deepens pupils’ engagement with the arts and builds creative and leadership skills. We encourage pupils to embrace new art forms and technologies; they work creatively through drama, dance and music, both in school, with visiting artists and outside of school, with trips to theatres and galleries. Pupils critically analyse the arts around them and review the work of professional artists. After developing their own skills, pupils will use what they have learnt and share this with a community group by leading their own project. This is a fantastic way to develop leadership and entrepreneurism.


Pupils leave school with improved opportunities and life chances. They have a wide knowledge and understanding of career opportunities in the performing arts industry. Pupils will understand the role the arts play creatively and positively in society, understand how they can use the skills they have learnt to helpfully contribute to their community and be confident to access the arts in their community and beyond.

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