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ELSA and Lego Therapy

ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) are trained to plan and deliver programmes of support including Lego Therapy for pupils who are experiencing temporary or longer term additional emotional needs. ELSA and Lego Therapy work are delivered on an individual basis, or sometimes small group work when appropriate, especially in the areas of social and friendship skills.


The priorities for an individual pupil will be identified through the ELSA Referral Form and through discussion with other staff in the school. These priorities will inform the setting of aims for the programme. Where possible, it is also helpful to include pupil input on target setting. Working on what is important to the pupil is likely to increase the impact of the support.


With the programme aims in mind, the ELSA develops support sessions to facilitate the pupil in developing new skills and coping strategies that allow them to manage social and emotional demands more effectively.


Each session has its own objective that builds towards the longer term aims.


Parents are encouraged to discuss with their child’s form tutor if they feel they would benefit from an ELSA intervention.

Just a gentle reminder that if your child is not feeling 100% please do not send them to school and contact the school for advice. Please wear a face covering on transport if you feel able to do so.