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Deaf Pupil Provision

Welcome to the Deaf Pupil Provision (DPP) 


The Deaf Pupil Provision (DPP) caters for the students hearing losses plus meets their individual learning needs. 

The DPP is committed to providing the best possible quality of education for all students. It is our belief that the students are entitled and have access to a broad and balanced curriculum that equips them with skills plus maximises their potential to enable them to becoming independent young people.  Communication is dependent on the the individual language and needs of each individual pupil.




Ms H Kilmister            Senior Communication Support Worker

Mrs H Peacock           Communication Support Worker

Mrs C Robertson        Communication Support Worker

Ms N Caswell             Communication Support Worker

Mrs J Gunn                 Communication Support Worker

Mrs L Carty                 Communication Support Worker

Ms J Fuller                  Speech and Language Therapist





Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Waitrose Community Matters scheme in Weybridge - We were awarded £236 !!