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Sixth Form Curriculum Statement


Our Sixth Form Curriculum builds upon individual starting points through our differentiated Pathways programme that is full of challenge and opportunity for all the students.


Learning Pathways are specifically designed to prepare our students for adulthood in a way that is appropriate to their needs and aspirations and to enable the highest level of independence for their journey through adulthood. Our Pathways range from Entry Level qualifications focused around personal progression and life skills, to GCSE’s, long term work placements and “light-touch support” for vocational qualifications in main-stream colleges.


The emotional wellbeing of our students is at the heart of all our Pathways.  SULP (Social Use of Language Programme) and designated LSAs provide additional support for the physical and mental wellbeing of each student. Lessons are practical, engaging, rewarding and realistic, providing a wealth of experiences that encompass the ethos of the school values. We create a secure and nurturing environment, where pupils are actively encouraged to reach their full potential in readiness for their future as meaningful and responsible adults within the wider community.


Numeracy remains an integral part of pupils’ learning and is embedded throughout focussed independent life skills work.  Pupils learn and apply mathematical skills both within school and the wider community, in theory and in practise. Some key themes are managing money and economic wellbeing, cooking for themselves and others, (including helping to run our onsite café), home and plant care, reading and using train timetables, and paying in shops.  It is our aim that all pupils learn to love Maths, appreciate its usefulness and leave school confident and able to use Maths to achieve their goals and be independent, confident and resilient young adults.


Reading and writing are embedded throughout the curriculum. Pupils are encouraged and supported in the use of fluent, fully structured sentences across the breadth of their Pathways curriculum.  Pupils develop their communication and reading skills in diverse settings, from reading menus and ordering food and drink in a cafe to working alongside colleagues during Work Experience and being able to recognise work-related Health & Safety signs.  Across the Key Stage, we aim to foster independence, empowerment and resilience by developing our pupils’ abilities to communicate effectively; encouraging them to become ambitious and aspirational in all that they do.


All pupils work towards Maths and English accreditations tailored to their needs and seamlessly continue their learning from Key Stage 4 to achieve Entry Level or GCSE qualifications by the end of their journey through Sixth Form.


At the end of their time in Sixth Form, our students leave ready and better equipped for their future, independent adult life. Students will have developed resilience to the challenges of every-day life and an enhanced understanding of managing their own mental health, either independently or through knowledge of resources available to help them.


Just a gentle reminder. If your child is suffering from any Covid symptoms you will need to keep them at home, arrange a PCR test at your earliest convenience and contact the school for advice.