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Group: Projects: Spring 2017
VG4 Technology around us/ Basic skills computing/ Functional Skills/ Using Email to communicate
Year 9

Unit 101 = Improving Productivity

Unit E02 = User Fundamentals


Unit 101 = Improving Productivity

Unit E02 = User Fundamentals


VG4: Assessment Criteria:

Follow recommended safe practices

Follow recommended safe practices – minimise physical stress of seating, lighting and hazards

Follow recommended safe practices - Keep access information secure by using passwords

Recognise and use interface features - Computer hardware

Recognise and use interface features - software


Unit: 101 Improving Productivity:

LO1  Plan the use of appropriate IT systems and software to meet requirements

Assessment Criteria:

1.1    Identify the purpose for using IT

1.2    Identify the methods, skills and resources required to complete the task successfully

1.3    Plan how to carry out the task using IT to achieve the required purpose and outcome

1.4    Identify reasons for choosing particular IT systems and software applications for the task

1.5    Select IT systems and software applications as appropriate for the purpose

1.6    Identify any legal or local guidelines or constraints that may affect the task or activity

LO2  Use IT systems and software efficiently to complete planned tasks

Assessment Criteria:

2.1    Identify automated routines to improve productivity

2.2    Use automated routines that aid efficient processing or presentation

2.3    Complete planned tasks using IT

LO3  Review the selection and use of IT tools to make sure that work activities are successful

Assessment Criteria:

3.1    Review outcomes to make sure they meet the requirements of the task and are fit for purpose

3.2    Decide whether the IT tools selected were appropriate for the task and purpose

3.3    Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the completed task

3.4    Identify ways to make further improvements to work


Unit: E02 User Fundamentals:

LO1  Interact with and use IT system to meet need

Assessment Criteria:

1.1    Use correct procedures to start and shutdown an IT system

1.2    Use IT systems and interface features effectively to meet needs

1.3    Use appropriate terminology when describing IT system

LO2  Organise, store and retrieve appropriately

Assessment Criteria:

2.1    Work with files and folders so that it is easy to find and retrieve information

2.2    Identify types of storage media that can be used to store information

LO3  Understand the need for safety and security practice

Assessment Criteria:

3.1    Follow guidelines and procedures for the safe and secure use of IT

3.2    Understand the need to keep information secure

3.3    Keep information secure and manage access to information sources securely

3.4    Identify why it is important to control access to hardware, software and data

LO4  Maintain system and respond to common IT system problem

Assessment Criteria:

4.1    Respond to IT problems and take appropriate action

4.2    Identify where to get expert advice and help to solve problem












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