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Year 8

Everybody should try to get on their emails at home - all tasks set on OneNote.

Some of you may also want to get the extra house points by completing the group discussions online.

Project for some fun:

Due:  01/07/2016


What it should look like:  

You can create a PPT/ Poster/ Book.

You can use pictures/ drawings/ writing.

You have to add information about the following:

Charles Babbage 

Steve Jobs 

Alan Turing (Binary 1 0 1111 0)

John Napier = Algorithms 

Dr. Hopper = COBOL.

Joseph-Marie Jacquard = punched cards = control weaving looms.

Lady Augusta Ada was the first computer programmer 

Pascal invented a calculator.

Tommy Flowers invented “Colossus”

Bill Gates

CONGRATULATIONS - To Belfast House for winning the Sports Day Cup and to London House for winning the House Cup for the Year!! Fantastic effort by all pupils to earn House Points during the Year and a great example of Teamwork by all Houses on Sports Day.