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School Development Plan

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Summary of priorities, Key Performance and Outcomes


Raise pupils’ achievement and accelerate their learning so that it is consistently good or better from their starting point


  • Maximise the number of students at KS4 achieving GCSE’s, Functional Skills and BTEC qualifications including English and Maths
  • Maximise the potential of DPP and Complex Needs pupils
  • Introduce a whole school enrichment/themed programme to excite and inspire learners to aim high; to support learning and engagement


Key Targets 2016-2017


  • 100 % of pupils gain at least 8 qualification including Maths and English
  • >85% of pupils make expected levels of progress in Maths (85% in 2015-2016 but consolidation year)
  • >85% of pupils make expected levels of progress in English (90% in 2015-2016 but consolidation year)
  • >92 %  Whole School Attendance


Ensure the quality of teaching, assessment and feedback is at least effective and better across the school to ensure learning and progress:


  • Develop staff to fully implement both Assessment and Marking Policy and SOLAR to enable Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning.
  • Ensure curriculum provision enables learning and progress across all groups.
  • Ensure all staff fully understand assessment for learning and assessment of learning such that regular meaningful feedback drives improvement.
  • Ensure that planning identifies and addresses the challenges facing individual learners and caters for them to access learning.
  • Ensure the core skills of literacy and numeracy are present in all aspect of planning, teaching and learning.


Improve the quality of leadership and management by:


  • Concentrating on key priorities and those actions that will have the maximum impact on improving outcomes for pupils.
  • Ensuring that self- evaluation is rigorous and portrays a realistic picture of the school’s performance that is shared more widely with staff.
  • Providing the Governing Body with the information they need so they can consistently hold school leaders to account.
  • Working closely with all staff across the school to develop the shared vision and common goals about the School Development Plan and the next stages of our development.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of leadership and management across the school and consult with staff on ways to improve our practice and its impact.
  • Ensuring that all staff understand that they are valued as our most precious resource in terms of both driving up standards and raising aspirations.
  • Modelling the values and behaviours, we expect from our pupils ensuring a safe respectful learning environments.


Additional whole school aims:


Behaviour and Safety


  • To model the values and behaviours we expect from our pupils by embedding the Behaviour Policy across the school to maintain low levels of disruption and encourage behaviour for learning, trust, respect, responsibility.
  • To embed the attendance strategy and policy and the philosophy of attend and achieve to further improve outcomes.




  • Effective action is taken to create a cohesive learning community by promoting pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Ensure that we continue to create and develop a positive learning environment.
  • Ensure that pupils and groups of pupils have highly positive experiences at the school so that they are well prepared for the next stage in their education, training or employment.
  • Promote positive attitudes to learning to ensure that achievement is at least good.
  • All staff and especially the SLT play a significant role in ensuring the school values and ethos is embedded.


Picture 1
Thank you to everyone who supported our Festive Fiesta. We are delighted to announce that the PFA raised a magnificent £1,400.