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Summer 1: AQA Entry Level Unit: Worship and Key Beliefs - Pilgrimage 

Religions covered: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism 

Pupils study the importance of pilgrimage in a range of different faith traditions looking at the beliefs rituals and places connected with each religious pilgrimage. 


Summer 2: AQA Entry Level Unit: Worship and Key Beliefs – Practices and Belonging 

Religions covered: Christianity, Sikhism and Judaism 

Pupils explore what it means to belong to different faith communities and focus on the rituals and rites of passage connected with each of the religions.




  • Can make their own contribution to celebrations and festivals. 

  • Can recognise a religious ritual or ceremony. 

  • Can select the correct name for a religious leader from a local faith group. 

  • Can select the correct name for a place of worship. 

  • Can select the correct name for a holy book. 

  • Can express and communicate their feelings in different ways. 

  • Is aware of their own influence on events and other people. 

  • Can indicate if they agree or disagree with a simple argument. 



  • Can identify some religious objects and places. 

  • Can evaluate their own work and behaviour in simple ways. 

  • Can communicate their ideas about religion, life events and experiences in simple phrases. 

  • Can communicate their feelings about what is special to them. 

  • Can understand that other people have needs and to respect these.  

  • Can recognise a similarity and difference. 

  • Can express what is important to them. 

  • Can ask a relevant question during lessons. 



  • Can recognise and name a place of worship. 

  • Can recognise and name a religious leader from a local faith community. 

  • Can recognise and name a holy book. 

  • Can recognise and name a religious ritual or ceremony. 

  • Can recognise and name a religious artefact. 

  • Can identify ways in which a religious festival is celebrated. 

  • Can identify actions performed during a religious ritual. 

  • Can identify the significance of religious artefacts, symbols and places. 

  • Can express their own feelings and experiences. 

  • Can ask questions about a specific area of religious belief and practice. 



  • Can recognise and name specific features of a place of worship. 

  • Can identify the purpose and role of a religious leader in a local faith community. 

  • Can identify different uses of a holy book. 

  • Can recognise the significance of actions performed during a religious ritual. 

  • Can recognise and state the purpose of a religious artefact. 

  • Can recognise the significance of a range of religious symbols. 

  • Can compare their feelings and experiences with others. 

  • Can recognise that some questions do not have answers. 

  • Can tell the difference between a fact and a belief. 

  • Can give a simple reason for an opinion. 



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