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Subject: Religious Education                                                       Year Group:VG4





Autumn Term

WJEC Entry Level Pathways Humanities

Places of Worship

This unit aims to enable learners to gain knowledge and understanding of the layout and significance of features within places of worship. It also allows them to consider appropriate behaviour in a place of worship.





1. Can hear and use some basic religious key words.                                               

2. Can respond to questions about religious events or experiences.                       

3. Can respond to a variety of new religious experiences, for example, involving music, drama, colour, lights, food, or tactile objects.                                              

4. Can take part in activities involving two or three other learners.                             

5. Can engage in moments of individual reflection.                                     

6. Can recognise key parts of a religious story.                                            

7. Can recognise a religious leader from a faith community.                                   

8. Can recognise some common religious symbols.                                     

9. Can recognise a place of worship.                                    

10. Can recognise a holy book.                                             

11. Can say if they like or dislike something.                                    

12. Shows an awareness of right and wrong.



1. Can listen to, and begin to respond to familiar religious stories, poems and music.

2. Can recall key parts of a religious story.                                       

3. Can relate a key story to something from their own experience.                            

4. Can make their own contribution to celebrations and festivals.                           . 5. Can recognise a religious ritual or ceremony.                                          

6. Can select the correct name for a religious leader from a local faith group.       

7. Can select the correct name for a place of worship.                                            

8. Can select the correct name for a holy book.                                           

9. Can show concern and sympathy for other in distress, for example, through gestures, facial expressions or by offering comfort.                                     

10. Can express and communicate their feelings in different ways.                            

11. Is aware of their own influence on events and other people.                                

12. Can indicate if they agree or disagree with a simple argument.



1. Can listen and follow religious stories.                                         

2. Can identify some religious objects and places.                                       

3. Can evaluate their own work and behaviour in simple ways.                                   

4. Can communicate their ideas about religion, life events and experiences in simple phrases.                                             

5. Can identify some actions as right or wrong on the basis of the consequences.    

6. Can find out about aspects of religion through stories, music or drama, answer questions and communicate responses.                                          

7. Can communicate their feelings about what is special to them.                              

8. Can understand that other people have needs and to respect these.                     

9. Can make purposeful relationships with others in group activity.                           

10. Can recognise a similarity and difference.                                              

11. Can express what is important to them.                                     

12. Can ask a relevant question during lessons.










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