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Subject: PSHE Year Group: 11






AQA Unit: Emotional wellbeing: emotions/friendship/bullying/stress/mental and physical health/prejudice and discrimination





SS8: shows consideration towards others

SS8: talks about my group/family/class

SS8: joins in group activities

SS8: gives others space


SS9: look and listens to people talking to them

SS9: knows when someone is sad or happy

SS9: knows when they have made someone sad

SS9: works in a small group

SS9: share own ideas in a group


SS10: Know about bullying

SS10: know how to be a good friend

SS10: know about some different relationships


SS11: Identify who they can go to for help

SS11: Discuss ways of helping themselves in a threatened situation

SS11: To know which parts of their body need to be kept clean

SS11: Be able to identify different types of bullying


SS12: Know it is wrong to treat people differently because of their differences

SS12: Identify physical and emotional bullying








































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