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Subject:                         PSHE                                                Year Group: 10






AQA Coursework Unit : Healthy Lifestyles


Understand what is meant by a healthy diet

Know the importance of exercise

Be able to investigate local opportunities for promoting physical well being

Know about a selection of health related issues and how to access specialist support

Describe the possible link between poor health choices and a) skin cancer B) heart disease

Know about the main features of anorexia and bulimia

describe how specialised support could be accessed for one specific health problem

Be able to make appropriate choices to promote a healthy lifestyle

Be able to apply the Danger Response Airway Breathing Circulation (DRABC) rule in relation to first aid





SS9   Know why we need a varied diet

SS10 Name three things needed for a healthy body

SS10 Name three good eating habits

SS10 Identify effects of alcohol on the body

SS10 Identify effects of smoking on the body

SS10 know that illness can be physical or mental

SS12 Know that right food and exercise helps humans stay healthy











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