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Subject:                         PSHE                                                Year Group: 9







Understanding that we have mental health and physical health

Being able to tell the difference

To be able to identify feelings and emotions

To identify causes and effects of stress and to know how to manage stress

To be aware of some mental illnesses

To be able to talk about depression and anxiety

To know how to get support

To understand what an eating disorder is

To know the signs to look out for in a friend

To know where and how to get support for myself or a friend

To understand the influences on how we feel about ourselves

To identify issues around body image

To know that some occasions/times/ events in life can be very difficult emotionally and can in some cases be life changing





SS8 talk about my group/family/class

SS9 Knows when someone is happy or sad

SS9 Know when they have made someone happy or sad

SS9 Aware of who helps them in school

SS9 Looks and listens to people talking to them

SS10 know about some different relationships

SS10 know how to be a good friend





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