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AQA Emotional Wellbeing Unit


Causes and symptoms of stress – what is stress? How do people experience stress? What causes stress? How do people manage stress? What help is available from organisations for people experiencing stress


Prejudice and discrimination – what is prejudice? How do people experience prejudice and what are the consequences? What is discrimination? Why do people discriminate against other people? How does discrimination affect people’s lives?


Bullying – causes of bullying, reasons why people become bullies, types of bullying, effects of bullying on the bully and the victim


Separation, loss, bereavement – how do people experience these in their lives? What are the emotions felt? How do lives change because of these? What professional help is available?




Interacts while sharing equipment                                       

Responds to other people's ideas



Shows consideration towards others                                   

Talk about my group/family/class

Gives others space



Aware of who helps them in school                                      

Looks and listens to people talking to them                                     

Knows when someone is sad or happy                                             

Knows when they have made someone sad



Know about bullying                                     

Know how to be aa good friend                                            

Know that illness can be mental of physical                                     

Know about some different relationships

Identify physical and emotional bullying                                          



Identify who they can go to for help                                     

Discuss ways of helping themselves in a threatened situation

Be able to identify different types of bullying                      



Know it is wrong to treat people differently because of their differences

Identify physical and emotional bullying                                          


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