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Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division


Shape and space

Perimeter and area

Volume of cuboids






Real life graphs






To solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems                        

To multiply a two digit number by a one digit number using mental methods                   

To multiply a two digit number by a one digit number using written methods                  

To divide a two digit number by a one digit number using mental methods                      

To divide a two digit number by a one digit number using written methods




To use roman numerals from I to XII to tell the time            

To use 12 and 24 hour clocks                                                

To estimate time                                

To read time to the nearest minute                          

To know there are 60 seconds in a minute                           

To know the number of days in each month, year and leap year


Shape and Space

To add length, mass and volume                   

To subtract length, mass and volume                                   

To find perimeter of simple 2D shapes                                             



To interpret bar charts

To interpret tables                             

To create a bar chart                                                                         

To use simple scales in bar charts where each line represents more than 1                       

To label a bar chart                            

To label the x axis                              

To label the y axis                              

To identify which is the x and y axis                          

To solve one step questions about data                   

To solve two step questions about data                   

To create a table                                            






Add and subtract numbers with up to 4 digits

Solve addition and subtraction two-step problems

Find the effect of dividing a one- or two-digit number by 10 and 100 

Recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 x 12




Read, write and convert time between analogue and digital 12 and 24 hour clocks 

Solve time problems converting between different units



Shape and Space

Relate area to arrays and multiplication

Find the area of rectilinear shapes by counting squares                              

Measure and calculate the perimeter of a rectilinear figure in centimetres and metres


Construct and interpret simple bar charts                

Construct and interpret simple line graphs                          

Solve problems using information presented in bar charts, pictograms, tables and other graphs.                         

Understand and use a greater range of scales in their representations 

Begin to relate the graphical representation of data to recording change over time.





Add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits, including using formal written methods

Multiply and divide numbers up to 4 digits by a one or two digit number and interpret remainders appropriately for the context                            

Multiply and divide whole numbers and those involving decimals by 10, 100 and 1000            

Read, construct and use everyday tables and charts, e.g. mileage charts, bar charts, line graphs, currency conversion tables and timetables (bus, train and airline




Solve problems involving converting between units of time

Shape and Space

Measure and calculate the perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes in centimetres and metres                             

Calculate and compare the area of rectangles and estimate the area of irregular shapes 

Use the relations of perimeter or area to find unknown lengths                             

Estimate volume and capacity 



Solve comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in a line graph              

Complete, read and interpret information in tables, including timetables

Interpret negative numbers in context on a graph and on a number line

Construct and interpret a bar chart              

Construct and interpret a line graph

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