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Subject:            MATHEMATICS                       Year Group: 7






This term the students will studinying “Using and applying statistics” for half of the term. The other half we will concentrate again in ”Numbers”. Some of the topics that will cover in Statistics sorting by colours, size type and shape; also we will be working with pattern, playing games such dominoes  and dice to take turns and fing out any patterns. We we are working with “Number” topic we will study number lines, addition and subtraction, sequences of numbers, identify biggest and smallest from two numbers.






SS7 Using Applying Statistics

•          Sorts by colour in a familiar environment                                        

•          Sorts by size                                       

•          Sorts by type e.g. shoes and socks                                        

•          Sorts by shape                                   

•          Recognises obvious error in a group                                     

•          Begin to count when asked how many                                             

•          Give colour name when asked what colour                                      

•          Give shape name when asked what shape


•          Pupils complete a 2 stage repeating patterns                                              

•          Pupils copy a 3 stage repeated pattern                                            

•          Take turns in an adult led game with 1 other peer                                       

•          Take turns in an adult led game with 3 other peers                                     

•          Plays with picture dominoes                                     

•          Play with dot dominoes                                            

•          Play dice game with adult support                                       

•          Pupils can identify what pattern is in repeated pattern sequence


SS9 Number

•          Finds requested number on a number line                                     

•          Adds one more in a practical situation and recounts                                   

•          Takes one away in practical situation and recounts                                     

•          Knows one more of a number up to 5 without practical support                    

•          Sequences numerals to 10 consistently                                           

•          Count on from any given number up to 10                                       

•          Estimate how many in a small group (up to 7)                                             

•          Check estimation by counting                                   

•          Uses ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd                                      

•          Recognises which group has more                                        

•          Recognises which group has less


•          To group practical objects into twos to count                                              

•          To add two 1 digit numbers                                      

•          To subtract two 1 digit numbers                                           

•          To make a set of up to 15                                          

•          To count out objects to 20                                        

•          To sequence numbers to 20                                      

•          To count on from any given number to 20                                       

•          To estimate objects to 20                                          

•          To identify the biggest number from two numbers to 10                                

•          To identify the smallest number from two numbers to 10                               

•          To use ordinal numbers to 10


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