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Subject: MATHEMATICS Year Group: V.G. 4






This term the students will be exploring with numbers up to 20 and for the more able to 100; counting in 2s , 5s and 10s from cero for the more able; counting in 2s to 20 or over; missing number exercise to 10 and 20; single digits sums; adding and subtracting pictures and objects; grouping; one more and one less from any given number; number bonds to 10 and 20; ordering and comparing numbers to 10 and over; the more able students will use “<” and “>” symbols.






SS7 - Numbers


  • Joins in rote counting to 10
  • Counts to 5 correctly and puts out objects to 5 reliably
  • Says how many in a group up to 5.
  • Understands zero means none
  • Knows the last number said is how many in the group
  • Matches quantities to 5 to numerals
  • Recognises less and more in a range of practical situations
  • Counts objects when asked how many reliably
  • Understands add 1 more in practical situations
  • Recounts when the amount has been changed
  • Beginning to count



  • Recognises numerals counts independently to 2
  • Joins in counting backwards from 10
  • Makes sets of up to 8
  • Finds requested number on a number line
  • Adds one more in a practical situation and recounts without practical support
  • Takes one away in practical situation and recounts without practical support
  • Sequences numerals to 10 consistently
  • Count on from any given number up to 10
  • Uses ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • Recognises which group have more and less



  • To rote count from 20 - 30
  • To count backwards from 20
  • To recognise numerals 20-30
  • To count independently to 20
  • To know 1 more up to 10 without practical support
  • To know 1 less up to 10 without practical support
  • To group practical objects into twos to count
  • To add and subtract two 1 digit numbers
  • To count on from any given number to
  • To estimate objects to 20
  • To use ordinal numbers to 10





































































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