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Subject: MATHEMATICS Year Group: 7






This term the students will be exploring with numbers up to 100; Numbers to 1000 and over will be ready to be explred for more able students. Number value, partition of numbers and grouping are some exercises that we are planning to do. One more one less from a given number; the students will also count in 2s, 3s and 5s, backwards and forwards, and we will starting reviewing the 2,3,4 and 5 time tables. For the most able students the will start counting in multiples. We will use the number lines to do simple additions and subtractions and the most, and we wil do more complex sums and subtractions for the most able. Number bonds to 10,10 and over. We will identify numbers in their numeric and words forms to 100 and some students to 1000 and over.







SS7 - Numbers


  • Joins in rote counting to 10
  • Counts to 5 correctly and puts out objects to 5 reliably
  • Says how many in a group up to 5.
  • Understands zero means none
  • Knows the last number said is how many in the group
  • Matches quantities to 5 to numerals
  • Recognises less and more in a range of practical situations
  • Counts objects when asked how many reliably
  • Understands add 1 more in practical situations
  • Recounts when the amount has been changed
  • Beginning to count



  • Recognises numerals counts independently to 2
  • Joins in counting backwards from 10
  • Makes sets of up to 8
  • Finds requested number on a number line
  • Adds one more in a practical situation and recounts without practical support
  • Takes one away in practical situation and recounts without practical support
  • Sequences numerals to 10 consistently
  • Count on from any given number up to 10



  • To rote count from 20 - 30
  • To count backwards from 20
  • To recognise numerals 20-30
  • To count independently to 20
  • To know 1 more up to 10 without practical support
  • To know 1 less up to 10 without practical support
  • To group practical objects into twos to count
  • To add and subtract two 1 digit numbers
  • To count on from any given number to


  • To rote count forwards in ones to 100
  • To rote count backwards in ones from 100
  • To read numbers to 100 in numerals
  • To count in multiples of two, five and ten
  • To identify one more and one less to 100
  • To know number bonds to 20
  • To write numbers to 100
  • To write simple addition and subtraction sums
  • To solve missing number problems for addition to 10










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