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Subject: ICT/ Computing Year Group: 10






Productivity in ICT: Pupils will use ICT tools to improve a café. Pupils will create a Mind Map of ideas followed by a Questionnaire. Pupils will interview staff and patrons of café and then gather their data into a spreadsheet and report. Pupils will then create a logo and use a spreadsheet to to show income and expenditure. Pupils will finally make a web page for the café.








I understand the need for care in framing questions when collecting, and finding information.

I can interpret my findings, and recognise that poor quality information leads to unreliable results.



I can plan and design ICT based solutions to meet a specific purpose and audience.

I can test a product/program to make sure it fits the criteria set

I can demonstrate wider range of ICT skills and tools.

I am able to develop and refine my work to improve its quality, using a greater range and complexity of information.

I am able to use more complex lines of enquiry to test hypotheses and can present my ideas in a variety of ways, showing a clear sense of audience.

I use ICT based models to make predictions and vary the rules within the models.

I can assess how valid these models are by comparing information from other sources

I am able to independently plan my work creating a portfolio of digital evidence of their learning.

I can critically assess my work to make sure it if fit for purpose.

I can predict what is going to happen when I make a computer-based model. (Changing rules and sequences)


I can use different functions within programs to enhance the quality of work.

I can create a file/folder structure.

I can use ICT to save information and to find and use appropriate stored information.

I can use ICT to generate, develop, organise and present my work.

I can share and exchange my ideas with others.


I can understand the reliability of information research or created.

I can combine different forms of information from various sources such as graphs and charts.



I can use ICT to present information in different forms and show I am aware of my intended audience. (Graphs, pictures, text and sound)

I can analysis my work and understand the need for quality in my presentations.


Computing Statement - I can design a simple algorithms using loop, and selection i.e. if statements

Computing Statement - I can draw my own storyboards of everyday activities.

























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