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BTEC ITQ – E07 / 107 Using the internet: 

Project:  The internet is used for almost every area of our lives.  It has all kinds of information waiting to be found, and all kinds of resources to help answer any kind of question.  As part of your position in the IT department you will need to help users use appropriate connection methods to access the internet and make the best use of software tools and techniques to search for retrieve and exchange information using a browser or public search engine.   

The internet is part of modern life and we use it for a range of purposes such as online shopping or downloading music.  Accessing online information enquires an internet connection and it is your responsibility to support the staff to use different types of connection methods. 

You will help them navigate websites, complete online forms and use knowledge and skills to use browser application software, tools and help facilities and making their navigation more efficient.  You will support them in using the internet safely and securely understanding the relevant laws, guidelines and procedures to follow.




I can state what the different formats are 


I can independently review the different formats and discuss ` 


I can navigate around electronical device presentations 


I understand the different programs/software making it able to search for information (Explorer/google) 


I can state/use the different Microsoft programs 


I can type simple words on a keyboard 


I can navigate around a computer/IPAD to a shown program/software 


I can edit work using different functions 


I can use input devices to manipulate items on a computer. (Keyboard, online keyboard, accessible mouse and switches) 


I can identify the different icons/objects. 


I can identify what storable items are (CDS, DVDS, USB pens and external Hard Drives) 


I can show that different information can be found in different forms 


I can look up and use information from various places (cd, web pages and printed documents) 


I can identify work being printed and identify your own work. 


I can use a computer to work with a variety of sources (Writing, pictures and sound) 


I can identify different technology and discuss what it is. 


Computing Statement - I can access the world wide web using a web browser  


Computing Statement - I understand the importance of staying safe online (thinkUknow age 5 - 7)  


I can review printed work and state if it is good or bad ` 


I understand where the save Icon is and what it is looks like 


I can use a keyboard and mouse and include the different functions within work 


I can search for information using the internet 


I can copy text. Data and images 


I can independently state what program to use to suite the best purpose 


I can handle different equipment and link words to what they are. 


Computing Statement - I can identify the different programs to carry out the work 


Computing Statement - I understand the different features within the programme 


Computing Statement - I can access an computer considering the safety  


Computing Statement - I can state what e-safety is and the different forms of bullying linking it to technology  


Computing Statement - I can access the internet and describe the process .  


Computing Statement - I can recognises different types of data: text, number. 


I can independently (talk through) how to use a computer. (access computer, log on and navigate) 


I can enter, save and retrieve my work 


I can talk about my experiences of ICT both inside and outside school. 


Computing Statement - I can navigate the web and can carry out simple web searches to collect digital content. 


Computing Statement - I can demonstrate how to use of computer safely and responsibly, knowing a range of ways to report unacceptable content and contact when online. 


Computing Statement - I can what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour when using technologies and online services. 


I can use different functions within programs to enhance the quality of work. 


I can create a file/folder structure. 


I can share and exchange my ideas with others. 


I can use a variety of technology taking into account its different features and functionality 


Computing Statement - I can state the difference between data and information 


Computing Statement - I understand the difference between hardware and application software, and their roles within a computer system. 


I can understand the reliability of information research or created. 


I can exchange information and ideas with others in a variety of ways. 


I understand the risks associated with communicating digitally, including the security of personal information. 


Computing Statement - I can work with a variety of inputs and outputs. 


Computing Statement - I can recognise different types of data: text; number; instruction. 


Computing Statement - I can state why and when computers are used. 


Computing Statement - I can state/show how to effectively use search engines, and knows how search results are selected (Advanced searches) 

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