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Subject: ICT/Computing Year Group: 8






Programming: Pupils will use Scratch to develop an understanding of key programming concepts such as data representation, decision making and repetition. Pupils will use art based computer tools to create and manipulate characters and ultimately create their own game. Pupils will be able to change some of the data and the handling of the game to truly make it their own.


Christmas Market Project: Pupils will use publishing tools to develop a Christmas card. Pupils will also further develop their skills in using art based tools. Pupils will then create a model of a Christmas market using spreadsheet to show financial information. Pupils will use mathematical and logic formulae as well as other tools such as charts to represent this information.








I can maintain concentration on a subject for 10 minutes

I can access a computer without help

I can state/use the different Microsoft programs

I can type simple words on a keyboard

I can enter, save and retrieve my work

I can use ICT to generate, amend and record my work

I can include text, tables, images and sound.

I can use ICT to generate, develop, organise and present my work.

I can share and exchange my ideas with others.

I can use a variety of technology taking into account its different features and functionality


Computing Statement - I can repeat procedures

Computing Statement - I can respond to visual prompt on screen

Computing Statement - I can use control programs to move an object


Computing Statement - I can plan a linear sequence of instructions. (non-branching)

Computing Statement - I can give a linear sequence of instructions to make things happen.

Computing Statement - I can use diagrams to express solutions.

Computing Statement - I can uses logical reasoning to predict outputs


Computing Statement - I can debug simple programme to gain desired result

Computing Statement - I can give instructions involving selection and repetition.

Computing Statement - I can state why and when computers are used.

Computing Statement - I can the main functions of the operating system and networks

Computing Statement - I can 'think through' an algorithm and predict an output.


























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