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Interact with ICT for given purpose: Follow recommended safe practice & use computer hardware & software applications for specific purpose:


E1/ E2 - Recognise and use different interface features

  - Minimise physical stress (seating, lighting, hazards)

 -  Keep Access information secure – using passwords and organising work

E2        - Use computer hardware

 - Use software applications for purpose

 - Understand need to stay safe - Introduces the pupils to the basics of using a school network / ESAFETY - Introduces    pupils to the dangers of social networking websites and cyber bullying and the dangers to their technology such as        viruses, worms and Trojans.

E3        - Interact and use ICT systems to meet your needs

            - Use correct procedures to start & shut down your computer





I can maintain concentration on a subject for 10 minutes


I can access a computer without help


I can gather information from different sources


I can use ICT to show meaning and express my ideas


I can choose some software for familiar activities


I can select a favourite e g number game


Computing Statement - I can repeat procedures


Computing Statement - I can respond to visual prompt on screen


I can find similar information in different formats


I can use newspaper/website/books/TV to find pictures/information e.g. football team/ pop star etc.


I can use ICT to present my ideas


I can load a resource and make choices


I can load a numeracy game and choose e g time/money


I can talk about what I am doing


I can explain actions to adult when using a program


I can explain actions when adding special effects e g colour/sound/text etc.


Computing Statement  - I can use control programs to move an object


I can state what the different formats are


I can independently review the different formats and discuss `


I can navigate around electronical device presentations


I understand the different programs/software making it able to search for information (Explorer/google)


I can review how to follow procedure and try to repeat


I can state/use the different Microsoft programs


I can edit work using different functions


I can play a game and show to how play it. Stating the positives and negatives


I can use input devices to manipulate items on a computer. (Keyboard, online keyboard, accessible mouse and switches)


I can show that different information can be found in different forms


I can look up and use information from various places (cd, web pages and printed documents)


I can identify work being printed and identify your own work.


I can use a computer to work with a variety of sources (Writing, pictures and sound)


Computing Statement -  I understand what a simple algorithm is.


Computing Statement - I can design a storyboard and create it using a computer/paper.


Computing Statement - I can talk about existing storyboards of everyday activities.


Computing Statement - I can order a collection of pictures into the correct sequence.


Computing Statement - I understand the importance of staying safe online (think you know age 5 - 7)


Computing Statement - I can recognise that many everyday devices respond to signals and instructions.

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