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  • Health and Safety when baking
  • The Balance of Good Health
  • Baking skills – measuring, weighing, kneading, mixing, breaking an egg, whisking etc
  • Baking recipes – bread rolls, pizza wheels, scrummy scones, chocolate rice krispie cakes, pancakes
  • Process of baking
  • Seasonal cooking – gingerbread men at Christmas, pancakes on Pancake day





I am aware of recipes when preparing food

With help I can choose a few important ingredients (features) when I am making.

With help I can choose a few correct equipment when I need them.

Know some foods are good for you.

Give some examples of some good foods.

Know some foods are bad for you.

Give some examples of some bad foods.

Know that we need to eat a variety of foods.

Give some examples of the variety of foods we need to eat.

Can handle essential equipment safely

Identify a hygiene issue.

Start to prepare food hygienically

Identify a safety issue.

Start to prepare food safely

Explain:  - how - why.

Answer questions about what they are doing.

Consider what might happen.

Tell others about what they think of their own work.

Use appropriate vocabulary to tell others about their work.

Classify foods by taste and texture.

Describe what they like and dislike.

Correctly use comparative terms. - Top/bottom - Big/small - Hot/cold

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