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Subject: Food Technology Year Group: VG4





Unit 18: Food Preparation and Cooking at Home

  • Identify ways to store food safely
  • State why food needs to be stored safely
  • Select small equipment for preparation and cooking tasks for a given recipe
  • Follow instructions to prepare food for a given recipe
  • Follow instructions to cook food using an electric or gas cooker for a given recipe
  • Demonstrate safe and hygienic practice
  • Initiate cleaning of equipment used during cooking
  • Store equipment safely
  • Follow instructions to clean kitchen area







1.I can gather correct utensils when I need them.


2. I can gather correct ingredients when I need them.


3. I can choose correct equipment when I need them.


4. I can decide with help what I will make.


5. I can decide with help, how I will make.


6. With help I can choose important ingredients (features) when I am making.


7. I can describe what texture I am creating.


8. I can identify a range of healthy foods.


9. I can identify a range of junk foods.


10. I can stop when I have finished making my product.


11. Is familiar with similarities with cooking styles.


12. Evaluation - With help I can say if I like, dislike the tastes



























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