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Subject: Food Technology Year Group: 10





Edexcel BTEC Level 1 Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills

  • Be able to use cooking skills to make home-cooked food that does not use pre-prepared, ready-cooked food
  • Understand the value of passing on information about home cooking







1. I can name correct utensils.


2. I can decide with little help what I will make.


3. I can decide with little help, how I will make.


4. With some help I can choose important ingredients (features) when I am making.


5. With help I can say what ingredients went into my cooking.


6. With help I can say what processes I used.


7. I can use equipment with help when needed.


8. I can follow instructions when making.


9. I can start to describe what I want to do.


10. I can start to describe what techniques I want to improve.


11. I can start to explain what my food product will do when being made (e.g. cooked/baked/mixed).


12. I listen to the teacher and make improvements when making.


13. Evaluation - I can say what I like about what I made.


























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