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Subject:         Food Technology                                                Year Group: 11





Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills

  • Be able to plan a nutritious, home cooked meal using basic ingredients
  • Be able to prepare, cook and present a nutritious, home-cooked meal using basic ingredients
  • Understand how to cook economically at home
  • Be able to pass on information about cooking meals at home from scratch







1. Peel, cut, grate food.                                             

2. Evaluate food.                                           

3. Know a varied diet is required to remain healthy.                                   

4. Look at several ideas.                                            

5. Consider the consumer when creating produce.                                      

6. Decide on order of processes.                                           

7. Evaluate their finished product.                                       

8. Evaluate how well the product met the criteria.                                      

9. Use appropriate vocabulary.                                            

10. Identify the components of a balanced diet.                                          



1. Present food that is aesthetically pleasing.                                              

2. Present food hygienically.                                     

3. Be aware of how to store food correctly.                                     

4. Work in a method considering their own safety.                                     

5. Work in a method considering the safety of others.                                            

6. Evaluate their ideas.                                              

7. Evaluate their detailed plans.                                           

8. Make comparisons between foods.                                              

9. Make ongoing modifications.                                           

10. Test the product                                      

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