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Subject:  Food Technology                                            Year Group: 10





Edexcel BTEC Level 1 Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills

  • Be able to use cooking skills to make home-cooked food that does not use pre-prepared, ready-cooked food
  • Understand the value of passing on information about home cooking
  • Complete assessment by cooking a two course birthday brunch







1. I can name correct utensils.                                              

2. I can decide with little help what I will make.                                           

3. I can decide with little help, how I will make.                                           

4. With some help I can choose important ingredients (features) when I am making.           

5. With help I can say what ingredients went into my cooking.                                   

6. With help I can say what processes I used.                                               

7. I can use equipment with help when needed.                                          

8. I can follow instructions when making.                                        

9. I can start to describe what I want to do.                                     

10. I can start to describe what techniques I want to improve.                                   

11. I can start to explain what my food product will do when being made (e.g. cooked/baked/mixed).                                             

12. I listen to the teacher and make improvements when making.                             

13. Evaluation - I can say what I like about what I made.




1. Measure food.                                           

2. Compare changings that occur due to cooking.                                       

3. Follow instructions when using tools.                                          

4. Give instructions to someone else to follow.                                           

5. Follow simple verbal instructions.                                    

6. Develop own ideas.                                   

7. Use knowledge from previous work.                                            

8. Consider the final appearance of the product.                                         

9. Suggest some ways they could improve areas of their own work.                       

10. Suggest what they like/dislike about a product/object.                                     

11. Consider the effect of varying food ingredients.                                    

12. Identify visual qualities of an object.                                          

13. Know fruit and vegetables are good for you.                                          

14. Know some of the properties of fruit and vegetables.                                       





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