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Food studies


Subject:         Food Technology                                                Year Group: 9





Making Choices:


  • International food – different cultures, religions and beliefs
  • Healthy eating
  • Apply the principles of The Eatwell Guide and relate this to diet through life;
  • List and explain the dietary needs throughout life stages;
  • Investigate information and guidance available to the consumer regarding food labelling, availability, traceability, food assurance schemes and animal welfare;
  • Explain the characteristics of ingredients and how they are used in cooking;
  • Adapt and follow recipes to prepare and cook a range of predominately savoury dishes;
  • Demonstrate a range of food preparation and cooking techniques and independently apply the principles of food safety and hygiene;
  • Investigate and discuss new trends and technologies used in food production, processing and cooking;
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making;
  • Be given regular opportunities to demonstrate and apply their knowledge and understanding of food science;
  • Be given regular opportunities to consolidate their literacy and numeracy skills by using them purposefully in order to learn.
  • Track their progress using the My learning journey booklet (cooking, nutrition, ingredients and creativity).






1. I can gather correct utensils when I need them.                                      

2. I can gather correct ingredients when I need them.                                             

3. I can choose correct equipment when I need them.                                            

4. I can decide with help what I will make.                                       

5. I can decide with help, how I will make.                                       

6. With help I can choose important ingredients (features) when I am making.         

7. I can describe what texture I am creating.                                    

8. I can identify a range of healthy foods.                                        

9. I can identify a range of junk foods.                                              

10. I can stop when I have finished making my product.                                         

11. Is familiar with similarities with cooking styles.                                      

12. Evaluation - With help I can say if I like, dislike the tastes                                             




1. I can decide with little help what I will make.                                           

2. I can decide with little help, how I will make.                                           

3. With help I can say what ingredients went into my cooking.                                   

4. With help I can say what processes I used.                                               

5. I can use utensils with help when needed.                                   

6. I can follow instructions when making.                                        

7. I can start to describe what I want to do.                                     

8. I can start to describe what techniques I want to improve.                                     

9. I can start to explain what my food product will do when being made (e.g. cooked/baked/mixed).                                             

10. I listen to the teacher and make improvements when making                              

11. Evaluation ? with some help I can say if I like, dislike the ingredients (features) I was going to use.                                           

12. Evaluation ? I can say what I like about what I made.                                        











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