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Food studies


Subject:         Food Technology                                                Year Group: 8





Diet and Health


  • Recall and apply the principles of The Eatwell Guide and the 8 tips for healthy eating;
  • Explain energy and how needs change through life;
  • Name the main nutrients, sources and functions;
  • Adapt and follow recipes using appropriate ingredients and equipment to prepare and cook a range of more complex dishes;
  • Demonstrate a wider range of food preparation and cooking techniques;
  • Apply the principles of food safety and hygiene;
  • Explain the factors that affect food and drink choice;
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making in a range of contexts such as home, health and agriculture;
  • Be given regular opportunities to demonstrate and apply their knowledge and understanding of food science;
  • Be given regular opportunities to consolidate their literacy and numeracy skills by using them purposefully in order to learn.
  • Track their progress using the My learning journey booklet (cooking, nutrition, ingredients and creativity).







1. Use key words to describe taste.                                     

2. Puts on an apron when appropriate.                                           

3. Rolls up sleeves when appropriate.                                             

4. Shows an awareness of safety issues associated with items used.                           

5. Demonstrate an awareness of the purpose of a variety of objects.                         

6. Selects tools appropriate for the task.                                         

7. Select processes appropriate for making.                                   

8. Discuss what they are going to do.                                             

9. Give a reason for what they are going to do.                                          

10. Compare outcomes.                                            

11. Compare processes.                                            

12. Know that changes occur due to their actions.                                     

13. Correctly use comparative terms. - Top/bottom - Big/small - Hot/cold




1. Know some foods are good for you.                                            

2. Know some foods are bad for you.                                              

3. Know that we need to eat a variety of foods.                                         

4. Sort objects by texture.                                        

5. Identify a safety issue.                                          

6. Explain: - how - why.                                            

7. Answer questions about what they are doing.                                       

8. Collect utensils for a purpose.                                          

9. Consider what might happen.                                          

10. Tell others about what they think of their own work.                                      

11. Use appropriate vocabulary to tell others about their work.                                 

12. Classify foods by taste and texture.                                           

13. Describe what they like and dislike.                                          

14. Correctly use comparative terms. - Top/bottom - Big/small - Hot/cold




1. I can gather correct utensils when I need them.                                     

2. I can gather correct ingredients when I need them.                                           

3. I can choose correct equipment when I need them.                                           

4. I can decide with help what I will make.                                     

5. I can decide with help, how I will make.                                      

6. With help I can choose important ingredients (features) when I am making.         

7. I can describe what texture I am creating.                                              

8. I can identify a range of healthy foods.                                       

9. I can identify a range of junk foods.                                            

10. I can stop when I have finished making my product.                                       

11. Is familiar with similarities with cooking styles.                                   

12. Evaluation - With help I can say if I like, dislike the tastes                                           






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