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Subject: English Year Group: Year 11





Group 1- Our day Out- a play by Willy Russell. To include listening, speaking and communication skills, reading and writing.

Reading extracts to identify and compare characters, identify and compare settings and identify and record main events and incidents.

Role playing scenes and discussing different characters.

Developing character profiles.


Group 2-

OCR- Level 1/2

Preparation for live assessment for listening and speaking, reading and writing based on the theme of choosing a holiday.

Past paper exam practice- reading and writing.







SS10- Is able to recognise and discuss the sequence of events in simple texts.

SS11- Starting to discuss the sequence of events in books and how items of information are related.

SS12 - Drawing inferences such as inferring character's feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions, and beginning to justifying inferences with evidence. Can listen to and starting to discuss a range of plays

SS13 - Able to read books that are structured in different ways and can read for a range of purposes

SS14 - Identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning Extract information from text independently with minimal support.



SS10- Sequencing sentences to form short narratives.

SS11- Can write narratives about personal experiences and those of others (real and fictional), real events, poetry and for different purposes.

SS12- Starting to organise paragraphs around a theme.

SS13 - In non-narrative material, use simple organisational devices [for example, headings and sub-headings]

SS14 - Selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary, developing understanding of how such choices can change and enhance meaning in narratives.



SS9- Begins to use past tense correctly adding 'ed' onto verbs

SS10- Suffix -ing, -ed, added to verbs where no change is needed in the spelling of root words (e.g. helping, helped)

SS11- Use of capital letters and full stops to demarcate sentences

SS12- Using conjunctions to express time, place and cause (e.g. when, before, after, while, so, because)

SS13- Starting to learn the difference between standard English and non-standard English and beginning to apply this in own writing eg in dialogue for characters.



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