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  • Non - fiction unit based on the animal kingdom with a focus on birds of prey. 
  • Classification of animals – mammals, reptiles, insects, fish and birds. 
  • Characteristics of mammals, reptiles, insects, fish and birds with a focus on birds. 
  • Differentiating between fiction and non- fiction, fact and opinion. 
  • Parts of speech to include nouns, verbs adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions. 
  • Read and understand unfamiliar text. First News  
  • To write accurately, using correct punctuation and basic spelling skills. 
  • Investigating a chosen bird and using this information to design an information leaflet based on chosen bird of prey. To include appearance, diet, natural habitat, reproduction and interesting facts. 
  • Trip to Bird World/ Hawk Conservancy 
  • Read and understand increasingly challenging  text. 
  • To plan, draft and edit. To write accurately, using a growing repertoire of correct punctuation and more complex spelling skills.





SS8 - Listens to a variety of texts 

SS9- Starting to link stories and non-fiction to their own experiences 

SS10 - Recognises that non-fiction books can be structured in different ways. 

SS11- Able to discuss the sequence of events in books, listen to, discuss and express views about a wide range of contemporary and classic poetry, stories and non-fiction at a level beyond that at which they can read independently. 



SS7- Orders symbols into a simple sentence to label a picture e.g. Girl in house 

SS8- Writes in full sentences using 'little' words - The cat is in the box 

SS9- Able to arrange words correctly to form a simple sentence 

SS10 - Sequencing sentences to form short narratives 

SS11 - Can write narratives about personal experiences and those of others (real and fictional), real events, poetry and for different purposes 



SS7- Follows 2 unrelated instructions 

SS8- Uses connectives in speech 

S9- Listens and responds to questions from peers. 

SS10- Sequencing sentences to form short narratives 

SS11- Correct choice of present tense throughout writing

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