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Subject: English                                                   Year Group: Year 11 V.G.4




OCR Functional skills based on the topic of ‘Arranging a Party’ at Entry 1 and 2.

Skills to include listening, speaking and communication, reading and writing.

Wellington Square- level 2-Focus on developing reading skills and understanding of texts.

Simple, accurate sentence construction and presentation skills.

Dockside- Stage 2 -Focus on developing phonic skills.




SS7- Know to start on left hand page of book.

SS7- Recognises 12 letters of the alphabet without prompt by sound (minimum choice of 4 letter cards).

SS7-Can recognise 5 words

SS8- Can blend together some cvc words

SS8- Answers where question about a story. Answers who questions about a story.

SS8-Listens to a variety of texts

SS9- Beginning to make predictions on the basis of what they have heard so far.

SS9-Starting to link stories and non-fiction to their own experiences



SS7- Puts spaces between words.

SS7-Orders symbols into a simple sentence to label a picture e.g. Girl in house

SS8- Groups letters together to create short words that can be read by known adult.

SS8-Beginning to use full stops in own writing                                           

SS8- Places words next to each other for sentences

SS8-Writes in full sentences using 'little' words - The cat is in the box.

SS9- Able to arrange words correctly to form a simple sentence.

SS9- Able to use a full stop in their sentence

SS10- Sequencing sentences to form short narratives.



SS7- Responds to who, where and why question about a story or event.

SS8- Communicate about an experience/familiar story.

SS8- Communicates in a range of situations i.e. outside, during play, during work sessions.

SS9- Hold and say a sentence using a growing range of vocabulary.

SS9- Begins to use past tense correctly adding 'ed' onto verbs

SS10- Suffix -ing, -ed, added to verbs where no change is needed in the spelling of root words (e.g. helping, helped)



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