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Subject: English                                                                          Year Group: Year 7




A range of different forms of poetry such as Limericks, alliterative poetry, narrative poetry and poetry for comprehension purposes.

Language to include nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns and conjunctions.

Read and understand unfamiliar text.  A range of poetry and First News.

To write accurately, using correct punctuation, grammar and basic spelling skills.




SS7-Fills in missing word at end of familiar phrase.

SS7- Recognises 12 letters of the alphabet without prompt by sound (minimum choice of 4 letter cards)

SS7- Can recognise 5 words

SS8- Recognise 25 letters of the alphabet by sound

SS8-Can match simple rhyming words

SS8 –  Can blend together some cvc words

SS8-Listens to a variety of texts

SS9- Listens to a range of stories and rhymes

SS9- Starting to link stories and non-fiction to their own experiences

SS9 - Beginning to make predictions on the basis of what they have heard so far 

SS9- Identify Characters from a story / book consistently and accurately



SS7-Orders symbols into a simple sentence to label a picture e.g. Girl in house

SS7- Uses correct final sound in words

SS7 - Uses 3 key words to describe a picture

SS8-Places words under each other in lists

SS8-Beginning to use full stops in own writing

SS8- Writes in full sentences using 'little' words - The cat is in the box

SS9- Able to arrange words correctly to form a simple sentence

SS9-Able to use a full stop in their sentence

SS10- Sequencing sentences to form short narratives



SS7-Communicates with peer in conversation 2 turns each

SS7-Begin to use language linked to time-yesterday, tomorrow, on Monday..

SS7- Responds to who, where and why question about a story or event

SS8- Asks questions that relate to the topic discussed.

SS8-Use a growing range of vocabulary including adjectives

SS8-Listens to a familiar adult for 5 minutes without interruption

SS8-Begins to use present tense correctly adding 'ing' onto verbs

SS9-Communicate about an experience/familiar story

SS9- Listens and responds to questions from unfamiliar adults and peers.


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